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How should CS:go and Dota 2 skins trade be done?

TAG: 06/03/2017

CS:go and Dota 2 on steam are almost well known, the two games in the skins transactions are also very popular, but many people will have unpleasant trading experience, then the correct skins trade should be how What about it?

Now the skins trade can be divided into three ways:

1. steammarket direct purchase.


The vast majority of skins can be bought in the steam market, which is the safest way, but Valve will receive 15% of the fee, it is because of the high fee, smart players came up with other transactions the way.

2. Third party trading platform to buy.


This transaction site, due to the involvement of third-party platform to ensure the safety of funds and items, and through technical means to achieve a fully automated trading. The most important fee is low. This transaction is also a good way to security, and commodity prices are generally lower than the steam market, large sites will often promote, so this should be the most tricky way of trading.

3. Purchase directly from others.

This way includes friends, online intermediaries, and those trading forums.

This method has advantages and disadvantages, and sometimes you encounter a good business will feel very happy when the transaction is very smooth, but if you encounter a bad business, then the transaction is difficult to make you happy. The first is that money and goods are not guaranteed, followed by price fluctuations, depending on your own understanding of the real price level. This is my least recommended transaction.

Apart from this, to go to the gambling site, the activities presented to get these are not skins trading way is not written, here to write a few transactions is the need to pay attention to the place: first to understand the details of the transaction skins, including Quality, Category, Exterior ,  price in the steam market and so on; choose a third party trading platform to choose a regular trading site, do not casually open others give your website links, there are many malicious sites; choose the third way to trade when the best choice reputable, more transaction history, trading more businessmen, so as to minimize the risk.

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