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cs go tagging guide.jpg
In CS: GO, there is a game element that is called "tagging". In this detailed guide, you will find the factors in this system that play important roles. What Is Tagging In CS: GO?This effect occurs whenever a player takes damage. Exactly in this situation, the tagging plays the bigges...
csgo hud commands.jpg
The HUD is one of the main tools in the game. It displays important information that you need while playing: life, ammo, inventory, radar, team members, and more. Players can individualize and customize their own preferences in CS: GO according to the HUD. You can for example change the color and de...
cs go grenade trajectory.jpg
The grenade plays a central role in CS: GO. Fortunately, it has been integrated into the game with the "Grenade Trajectory", a useful feature that allows players to plan the strategic use of grenades and better to practice throwing. Here is a guide on the usage of feature and on the settin...
cs go recoil.jpg
In CS: GO, the recoil is among the central elements of the gameplay. Since the beginning of the recoil of the weapons in Counter-Strike is included and one of the features that distinguishes the game from mainstream shooters. But it is also a hurdle for beginners, who often have difficulty to contro...
cs go crosshair color.jpg
With this little FAQ, we would like to answer a couple of questions often asked by CS GO players. Here you can find a list of helpful CS: GO crosshair commands.Crosshair is off, what now?If the crosshairs disappears at once, then you have probably made an unwanted attitude that has caused this effec...
cs go radar centered 2.jpg
The radar is an important tool in CS: GO. Using some console commands you can it may adapt it to your liking. The commands can adjust the scale and the size of icons, among other things. Good settings can confer an advantage on one so thoroughly. Here is a detailed guide on how to change the setting...
cs go wallbang.jpg
In CS: GO, whether a Wall Bang will be possible or how much the damage will affect them, will depend on various factors, which we will examine in detail in this guide.CS: GO Wallbang BasicsWallbanging is officially known as "Bullet Penetration". To score in CS: GO a globe on a wall or an o...
cs go competitive guide.jpg
CS: GO is a team game. While it offers different modes for many players, but the focus is clearly on the 5on5 Competitive Mode. We therefore want to give all those who are not yet very familiar with the game a few tips & tricks and guidelines for competition-oriented games on the way with this C...
cs go aiming training.jpg
In CS: GO, the muscle memory is, in principle, in all video games in which it comes to speed and reaction, a factor that will shape their own ability significantly. Regarding CS: GO, this term refers to the internalization of the mouse movement to move the crosshairs in different situations exactly ...
cs go aim training tips.png
How can I improve my aim in CS: GO? This is one of the most frequently asked questions, especially among beginners. The fact is that it always has a lot to do with gaming experience. Nevertheless, there are some tips and tricks that will help. Crosshairs and Mouse SettingsGood aiming has to do ...
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